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Friday, September 30, 2005
Meet the Shark Team
We've assembled great team of people to make sure your great white shark adventure is incredible. Dive instructor Richard Von Trapp was a Special Forces combat diver and is a certified physician's assistant. Peter Winch serves as our Farallons expert. Peter has been leading nature trips for the National Oceanic Society for years. Our guest services director, Jill Morris, knows tons about sharks and has worked on several shark research projects. They are assisted by our wonderful Captain Geoff, dive assistant Rob and deckhand Bret.
One Very Big Shadow
On September 26, two guys noticed a dark shadow beneath the cage. Sure enough, it was a great white shark. The shark proceeded to nibble on one of the seal decoys attached to the Tamalpais. On the way back to shore, several humpback whales were spotted, so it was an incredible day all around.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
New Photo Gallery Added
IA President Jane Reifert spent eight days in Tiburon, making final arrangements for shark season. While there, Jane took a lot of great photos of the Tiburon and San Francisco area. You can see some of Jane's photos in our new online photo gallery.
One Incredible Shark Cage
It's big. Really big. Our brand new shark cage measures 12 ft long by 5 ft wide. The only thing bigger in the water near the Farallon Islands are the great white sharks. Our cage was built by the marine engineers and specialists at Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER) in Alameda. The company specializes in building underwater research submersibles. If you'd like to see photos of the cage, be sure to visit the cage diving section of our website.
Season Off to a Great Start
Labor Day Weekend marked the start of shark season in the Farallon Islands. The weather couldn't have been more perfect on Sunday, when cage divers spotted two great whites, seals and even whales. Maggie McDonough, owner of our great white shark boat, The Tamalpais, reported one shark was estimated to be a 14-footer and the other an 18-footer.

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