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Monday, February 23, 2009
A Note from Sharky Jill
Hey guys:

Things have been really sharky around here lately. I spent the fall filming reef sharks in Turks & Caicos and on Grand Bahama. Had a chance to don chain mail for filming and loved every minute of it! Spent 3 weeks filming the white sharks of Guadalupe before returning to the Bahamas to lead a Tiger Beach trip! 5 massive female tiger sharks….. INCREDIBLE animals!! From there I headed to the Bimini Biological Field Station ( AKA The Shark Lab ) to photograph a Make A Wish Project. We had a 15 year old girl that wants to be a marine biologist and her wish was to dive with sharks. AWESOME!!! Truly a rewarding experience. I have been working with a conservation production company called Oceanic Allstars and one of our current projects is a push for Shark Free Marinas. Marinas can post these signs to show that they do not allow fisherman to bring sharks in. We are hoping this will discourage shark fishing or at least encourage catch and release. Next up I am back to Tiger Beach….hope to see you all in the water!

Sharky Jill

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