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Thursday, August 21, 2008
You've Gotta Love a Boat with a Hot Tub

Incredible Adventures is now offering great white shark dive adventures aboard the incredible Nautilus Explorer, a custom-built 116 ft luxury liveaboard dive vessel. The boat departs from Ensenada, Mexico and travels to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico for three incredible days of cage diving with great white sharks in amazingly clear waters. (Transportation is provided from San Diego to the Ensenada dock and back.) When you're not diving in one of the boat's five shark cages, you can enjoy onboard comforts, like a 42 inch plasma TV, in room hot showers and a well-stocked bar. Oh yeah...there's also a hot tub deck for relaxing and socializing after a full day of shark action. Great white shark season in Isla Guadalupe is from late August til early November. For more details, contact Sheri at 800-644-7382.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
New Cameras & New Plan
Ever been to a wedding where disposable cameras have been placed on the tables in hope guests will help snap reception pictures? We're trying something similar this year. We've purchased two new digital underwater cameras for each of our two Farallons shark boats and will have them available for customers and staff to use to capture the cage diving experience. (For the record, the cameras aren't disposable and weren't cheap, so if you join us for a trip, please don't drop one overboard.) Cage divers and topside observers will be encouraged to take turns playing photographer. At the end of the trip, Incredible Adventures staff will upload all the photos from the adventure and make them available for free viewing and downloading.

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Bunk Room Basics

This year, for the first time ever, Incredible Adventures is offering an overnight trip to San Francisco's Farallon Islands. Adventurers will spend two days cage diving with great white sharks and experiencing life aboard a real, working research and expedition vessel. The White Holly is a 133 ft former US Coast Guard cutter. Participants arrive at the dock in Sausalito on Friday night, overnight on the boat and depart for the Farallons bright and early. Captain Vince will have everyone back to the dock Sunday evening. The question of "where will I sleep" comes up often. There are five bunk rooms for guests. Four feature two-bunks each and one features four bunks. The $1175 price is a great deal and includes meals aboard the boat, use of a wet suit and hookah equipment.

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