Shark News
Monday, February 19, 2007
It's Not Too Early to Book a Great White Adventure
Great white shark season in the Farallons may still be seven months away, but dates are already starting to fill up. It's never too early to reserve your spot aboard out great white shark boat. Cage diving season off the coast of San Francisco is September through November and a limited number of dates are offered. Incredible Adventures picks the best time of year in order to increase your odds of seeing a great white shark in the wild.
Dive with Tiger Sharks in April
Sheri Lewis, our in-office shark expert, just returned from an incredible adventure in the Bahamas. She joined a TV crew and other customers on a journey to Tiger Beach, the area off of Grand Bahama Island known for its very big tiger sharks. The tiger sharks were plentiful and huge but what surprised Sheri the most was how many other big sharks were in the area. If you ask Sheri, she'll tell you just how scary lemon sharks look up close. She'll be posting some of her incredible dive photos to this website soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to talk to Sheri about joining us for our next dive adventure in April, give her a call at 800-644-7382.

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