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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Meet Your Guide to the Farallons - Peter Winch

We're happy to have Peter Winch back again this season as our onboard naturalist (ie. wildlife guy) in San Francisco. Peter's the guy who checks you in when you first arrive for your shark adventure. He then gives a quick presentation on the Farallons Islands before grabbing his binoculars and heading out on the deck to start scanning the horizon for sharks and other wonders of nature. Peter has a special way of pointing things out and teaching you a lot, without it seeming like you're back in school.

In his other life, Peter Winch works as the Visitor Center Naturalist for The Farallon Island Marine Sanctuary Association, assisting with the running of the visitor center and their educational program. He has a BS in Environmental Science from Plymouth University, England, and has a background as a scientist and as an educator. After graduating he worked as an environmentalist for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He has studied seabirds in Alaska, Hawaii, Baja Mexico and Oregon for US Fish and Wildlife and The Island Ecology Group, and worked as a naturalist for Oceanic Society Expeditions on Whale Watching Trips off California for five years. A self confessed ocean addict, Peter surfs and dives as often as possible.

This year, Peter is on a mission....he's out to make an even better seal. (Peter is always working to make the decoys used to lure great whites near the boat more successful.)

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Meet the Incredible Greg Barron

Join a shark adventure to San Francisco's Farallon Islands and you'll be in very good hands. We're very proud of the great team we have in place to make sure your shark adventure is incredible.

We haven't quite figured out what to call Greg Barron. This week, we're leaning toward "Director of West Coast Shark Ops". A San Francisco Bay Area native and entrepreneur, Greg has spent his entire life living and diving along the North Coast of California. He has been involved in our San Francisco shark adventure from the very beginning. Greg helped the people at DOER Marine design and build our massive shark cage and he helped transform the Tamalpais into one of the best shark boats on the planet. He then assembled the perfect mix of people to make sure ever aspect of your adventure is as perfect as it can be.

In his other life, Greg operates two of his own companies, Barron Properties and Rideable Bicycle Replicas Inc. Barron Properties is a real estate development and management company based in Alameda and Oakland California. Rideable Bicycle Replicas Inc. of Alameda, CA. is a small manufacturing company specializing in making antique and specialty style cycles mostly from the end of the 19th century. If you've been to Burning Man, you've probably seen Greg riding one of his "High Wheel" bicycles. His company has been supplying cycles for folks, film, theater and museums for 34 years so if you see a high wheel bike in a movie or play, chances are Greg made it. Some of the recent shows featuring Greg's stuff include Deadwood, Jack Ass 2, Lonesome Dove, Haunted Mansion and the stage show Wicked.

Did we mention that Greg can fix just about anything...almost before you know it's broken? He's Greg "MacGyver" Barron...and we hope you'll get the chance to meet him. For shark dates, call 800-644-7382.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Bahamas Dive Dates Announced
Dates for upcoming tiger shark dives have just been posted. Dives depart from Old Bahama Bay Marina on Grand Bahama Island's West End. You can find more information and trip dates here.

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