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Tuesday, October 20, 2009
San Francisco Shark Report - Oct 19
Hey Everyone,
I thought I'd send out a note and let you know how things are going. So far, we are batting a thousand with sightings on every single trip we've made. This Saturday was the topper for us and a new record with 12, that's right, 12 confirmed sightings. That's twice our previous record of sharks in a day. There were feedings, predations, spyhops, tail and fin slaps as well as some pretty major surface thrashing. The sharks were jumping like popcorn in a kettle, the day was beautiful after the morning fog burned off and the seas were favorable and flat. Not terribly good water visibility, as there is a big red tide and a ton of krill out there as well, but we did have a cage sighting as well. The island biologists had a new tagging record as well with what I understand was five sharks. Those were tagged off Saddle rock and in Morunga Bay and we got to witness three of them. Sunday turned out well too as we had a predation directly off the starboard stem of the Eldorado. We had whales around us as well on both days. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know how it went. - Greg Barron, Director of West Coast Shark Ops

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